5 hotels from the movies I’d love to stay in

5 hotels from the movies I’d love to stay in

If there’s anything more glamorous than staying in a hotel that’s been used in the mooovies, well gee, I just can’t think of it. Aside from the hotel from In Bruges, which I’ve already talked about plenty, these are my dream digs that have been featured on the silver screen over the years.

Hotel del Coronado, San Diego –  Some Like it Hot

Hotel del Coronado

Supposedly in Miami but actually in San Diego, the Hotel del Coronado captured my imagination almost as much as Marilyn Monroe in Some Like It Hot. It fascinated me because it looked like a cross between the Disneyland Hotel (which I was obviously fixated with as a youngling) and a giant dovecote.

The Plaza Hotel, New York – Home Alone 2

The Plaza

The Plaza has been in more than its fair share of flicks, but no one else had quite as much fun there as Kevin McCallister when he was lost in New York in Home Alone 2. Picture him reclining on a pile of cushions, knocking back the ice cream and chortling at Angels with Dirty Faces.

“Two scoops, sir?”

“Two?! Make it three; I’m not driving!”

It’s also the only film to star to simultaneously star both the Plaza and its former owner Donald Trump, who directs Kevin to the elevator. Thanks to Wikipedia, fountain of all Internet knowledge, I can inform you that when the lobby carpet was removed for filming, Trump saw the hotel’s beautiful mosaic tiled floor for the first time, and never covered it again.

Now, get down on yer knees and tell me yer love me!

Park Hyatt, Tokyo – Lost in Translation

The Park Hyatt

The Park Hyatt was the safe cocoon within which the gorgeously touching relationship between emotionally and physically isolated Scarlett Johansson and culturally alienated Bill Murray blossomed.  Filming in the hotel was only allowed to take place after 1am, which is why many of the scenes are set late at night in the bar on the 52nd floor. But what a bar, and what a view. Speaking of which…

Hotel degli Orafi, Florence – A Room with a View

A Room with a View

In this Merchant Ivory production the sumptuous sets, rich Puccini soundtrack and the poignantly beautiful views – including the wildly romantic one a liberated Lucy Honeychurch eventually comes around to – burst forth out of the screen, practically commanding you to flee to Florence and fall in love.

This coming of age tale of a socially repressed young Edwardian lass pivots around the gaining of a room with a view over the river Arno at the Pensione Bertollini. The humble Pensione is actually a rather fancy hotel that I wouldn’t mind falling in love in myself.

Mountain Lake Resort, Virginia – Dirty Dancing

Mountain View Resort

The most indulgent of the lot, Mountain Lake Resort, was Kellerman’s, the 50s holiday camp in which the wholesome, impressionable Baby learnt all of life’s most important lessons about big girls not crying and parents being fallible. But most importantly, she had the time of her life with Patrick Swayze who let her touch his shoulders and dance with him even though she had two left feet and carried a watermelon.

Which hotel from the movies do you most want to stay in? Answers in a tweet please.


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