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Monthly Archives: April 2014

Messing about in boats — there’s nothing quite like it. I first got a taste for it when I was seven years old on Loch Lochy near Inverness. My father stationed me at the helm of the little motorised dinghy we’d hired and off we went, zig-zagging erratically across the water. My ashen-faced little brother nervously gripped the sides, while I struggled to keep control. My parents thought the whole thing was… Read More

This month marks the 20-year anniversary of the beginning of the Rwandan genocide. I was honoured to be invited to a remembrance event at the House of Lords in March, after which I wrote a blog post for Wired about the impact of the genocide on the country’s economic and social recovery and my personal reaction to seeing how far the country has come. What I’d like to add to that here… Read More