An Unfamiliar Sky

Monthly Archives: August 2014

I pedalled with all my might against the wind and coasted around corners at high speed in a way I haven’t since I was a kid. Just in time, I arrived to see the Turning Torso lit up by fading sun before it dropped behind a cloud.

I recently wrote a very positive post about the work trip I took to Ukraine. It was a terrific experience, but the food I ate there was sometimes mysterious, and often pretty dire. Based on my previous experience of the regional cuisine — the abiding memory of which is of eating only Chupa Chups and losing half a stone on a week-long school trip to Russia — I had predicted this in… Read More

On my way out to Montreal I flew with KLM and on the way back I flew with Air France. We were spoilt from beginning to end, with fast-track check-in, priority security and access to lounges in every airport we travelled through. I had an extra nice surprise on my way out though. I was supposed to have been booked into premium economy but the request hadn’t been passed on, so I… Read More

I’m often out and about and far away from home, but this blog is about finding adventure every day, no matter where you are. As I’ve been gallivanting a lot recently and am heading off to Copenhagen, Malmo, Munich and Berlin over the next few weeks, this weekend I’ve just been taking it easy in south east London. I’ve been living close to Peckham for two and a half years now and… Read More