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Monthly Archives: January 2015

Here’s a cool thing that happened in Vegas. I went to a drinks party in a secret villa and found out that only the night before Brad and Angelina had been staying there. Obviously I double checked to see whether Brad and Ange had definitely been in Las Vegas, before I let myself get excited. They really had. Excitement ensued. Perez Hilton claimed to have “all the deets” of their trip, but… Read More

I’ve been travelling regularly as part of my job for a good year and a half now. Thanks to work, I’ve been all over Europe, as well as visiting Africa, the Middle East and North America.┬áToday I head off on my first trip of the year to Las Vegas, and 2015 has barely begun! Travelling as part of my job is something I’ve always aspired to, and now that I do it… Read More