Here’s where Brad and Angelina stay when in Vegas

Here’s where Brad and Angelina stay when in Vegas

Here’s a cool thing that happened in Vegas. I went to a drinks party in a secret villa and found out that only the night before Brad and Angelina had been staying there.

Obviously I double checked to see whether Brad and Ange had definitely been in Las Vegas, before I let myself get excited. They really had. Excitement ensued.

Perez Hilton claimed to have “all the deets” of their trip, but in fact, all he had to say was that they had been to some naff souvenir shop. Here though, exclusively, you can see where the A list royalty stayed when they were in Vegas.

Most people don’t know that the Mirage Villas exist, but even if you did and were looking for them, you wouldn’t necessarily be able to find them. Tucked away in a dead end on the ground floor of the hotel is a slatted door, next to which is a phone. They are discreetly guarded by a security man. If you are supposed to be there, someone on the other end of the phone will tell the security guard to let you through and you will pass the Lanais rooms, before getting to a desk — at which point you will have to explain yourself again.

Villa number seven is all Vegas opulence and yet feels so secluded that it could be anywhere. Three bedroom suites, a lounge and a bar are complemented by a garden replete with a pool, jacuzzi and putting green. Privacy is ensured by thick, high hedges, which presumably protected Brad and Angelina from the prying eyes of their wealthy neighbours. Throw in a few tall palms and the throb the strip is completely blocked out. The garden is a not-so-little haven of serenity.

The interior is no less glamorous, and as it happens, I took a big old bunch of photos around the villa, so you can experience what it must be like to be Brad and Angelina in Vegas. You’re welcome.



IMG_1685 IMG_1686 IMG_1688 IMG_1689IMG_2397IMG_2394 IMG_2395 IMG_2396IMG_1675 IMG_1677 IMG_1680

As you might expect, housekeeping had done their work and their was no sign of the sleb family left in the villa… not that that stopped me from poking around briefly anyway. In the end I decided I’d be best off just enjoying the amenities on offer and so put the celebrity endorsement of Villa 7 out of my mind while I had a Jolie time at the bar and indulged in a game of Pitt and putt with my mate Ian.

I obviously didn’t stay overnight at the villa, but I spent several days at the almost equally as swanky Delano, which did ace breakfasts. I’ll be writing about that soon, as well my top five touristy things to do in Vegas and my experience at the Neon Museum. Keep your eyes peeled!


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