Welcome! I’m Katie and An Unfamiliar Sky is my personal travel blog.

By day I work as a technology journalist for CNET and I was recently shortlisted in the category of UK’s best writer in the Words by Women Awards. My work has also appeared on WIRED, Ars Technica and Reuters. I’ve appeared on BBC Radio, CNN, Sky and occasionally host panels at tech conferences.

I’ve spent most of my career in online journalism, which has involved lots of writing, podcasting, running massive social media accounts and fiddling about a bit with Photoshop.

By night I eat and drink my way around London and plot adventures tiny and big. In my spare time I love to cook, run, read and ski.

I travel extensively for work, but I also spend every spare penny I earn on exploring the world stylishly, affordably and with an open heart and mind.  I like to keep as active as possible, and while I may live in the city, deep down I crave wilderness, vistas and fresh air.


How did you get here?

I took the second star on the right after university and headed straight on till my dream writing job… said no writer ever. After university, I bounced around for a few years doing some awesome things like working for Reuters in Kenya for a couple of months, travelling around Indonesia, working for BBC Newsround and living in Brussels for six months while I completed a traineeship in the European Parliament.

While it all feels like a huge adventure in retrospect, I learned an awful lot about perseverance, being brave even when I didn’t feel like it and taking calculated risks over those few years. I’m pretty sure it made me a more reflective and conscientious traveller too.

Editorial policy

I fund the majority of my travels myself, but occasionally in the past I’ve been invited to review travel-related things (accommodation, lounges, restaurants, airlines or sometimes entire regions) by travel companies. If this is the case I will put a disclaimer at the bottom of an article. All content published here is independent, impartial and honest, and is created out of love and not for money.

I’m a journalist by profession and take the responsibilities that come with this seriously. This blog is separate from my work in technology journalism, which is governed by its own editorial policy that I adhere to rigorously.

 In Morocco

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  1. Jodee
    April 13, 2018 / 4:52 pm

    You (and your adventures) are a joy for me to read and be a part of (ending a sentence with a preposition in a comment to a journalist?? What am I doing??!!). There is a wandering, adventurous soul within me, but when I was young, I played it safe–with NO regrets, mind you! I am having my traveling fun by reading your posts (which I just found today!). I can’t wait to read more…

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