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How to eat in Belgium: Brussels edition

Brussels is a foodie’s dream. One of the reasons I loved living there so much was all the eating out I got to do. When I think of the city now, I still spontaneously start to salivate. Take a look at my top picks of places to go and munch. If you go one place for… frites Chips in Belgium are usually thrice cooked in beef fat which makes them taste simply wonderful, but it’s not great if you’re veggie. In fact, it’s not a terribly easy country to be a vegetarian in at all. But while I love you…

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Crescent Island and the art of solitude

Ahhh, me time. How I do love my me time. How much time you can bear to spend alone differs dramatically between each and every person. There are those who can reside like hermits, quite happy in their own company for weeks, and those who dread every second of silence lest the cruel thief known as loneliness creep up on them and wrestle the happiness from their clutches. People get mighty weird about confessing to loneliness due to misplaced shame and pride and fear of what that particular emotion might mean. Travelling solo in a strange continent, and moving to…

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How to eat in Belgium: Chocolate edition

I had been a resident of Belgium for approximately four hours when an entirely wonderful thing happened to me. I was standing in Brussels’ most romantic square, gazing through the window of the country’s most prestigious chocolate shop, completely entranced by a master chocolatier hard at work inside, when he lifted his head, saw what I can only presume must have been a look of intense fascination on my face, and started to laugh. In a sequence that could have been lifted straight from a schmaltzy movie, he beckoned to me to come inside, and handed me the exquisite truffle…

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