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Hiking Oregon’s Oneonta Gorge

Last week I told you about nine different Oregon beauty spots. This week I’m picking one of them, the Oneonta Gorge, to tell you more about the wonderful hike I did there. It’s an easy adventure incorporating hiking, scrambling, wild swimming and waterfalls that can be undertaken independently and with minimal preparation and kit. It is quick enough that you can complete it in afternoon, have enormous fun and be home in time for tea. The adventure takes in the Oneonta Gorge, a narrow emerald chasm that slices into the wall of the much bigger Columbia River Gorge. Hike half…

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Nine Oregon beauty spots near Portland

My abiding memory of Oregon is rich, multi-layered, far-reaching greenness. Of yellow-green grasses rolling down to the sea; of forest-green walls of fir surrounding us on drives down long, straight roads; of bottle-green mosses and teal-green waters. Green is the colour the Pacific Northwest wears so well, as if to prove all other colours unnecessary. During my time in Portland — a trip that lasted a little over a week — I managed to get out of the city on two separate road trips to immerse myself in this immense greenery. At the time of my trip it felt as…

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Behind the shot: the Northern Lights and me

This photo of me with looking out at the Northern Lights makes me so happy every time I look at it. But the story of how we got the shot while we were on holiday in Iceland is not what you might expect… I had a good feeling about Hofn from the start, which is odd given that it is not a place that makes a spectacular first impression.  It turns out that I had great intuition: it was a town full of surprises. First there is its name, which is not pronounced Hoffen, as we’d been calling it before…

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My first time in New York was everything I hoped

New York. I put off going and put it off again, and I still don’t fully understand why. New York is not just somewhere on every travel lover’s bucket list, it is on everyone’s bucket list. No-one doesn’t want to go to New York. My dad insisted for years that he didn’t, and then he went, and he loved it. Of course he did. Because you couldn’t not. I think perhaps the reason I delayed my trip was that when I did finally go, I wanted to do the city “properly”. And by properly, I mean I wanted to stay…

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Inside The Pier, Cathay Pacific’s first class lounge

There was a time not long ago that I had pretty amazing airline status. Then a couple of things happened — British Airways changed its executive club membership rules and I got a new job that means I can no longer fly in fancy seats — and it all went to pot. During that sweet, sweet time in my life, I was a lounge regular. I’ve seen the best and the worst there is on the circuit, but when all is said and done, there is really only one lounge that sticks out in my memory. Say hello to The…

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