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5 hotels from the movies I’d love to stay in

If there’s anything more glamorous than staying in a hotel that’s been used in the mooovies, well gee, I just can’t think of it. Aside from the hotel from In Bruges, which I’ve already talked about plenty, these are my dream digs that have been featured on the silver screen over the years. Hotel del Coronado, San Diego –  Some Like it Hot Supposedly in Miami but actually in San Diego, the Hotel del Coronado captured my imagination almost as much as Marilyn Monroe in Some Like It Hot. It fascinated me because it looked like a cross between the…

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A very London summer

The summer’s end is here again, and today I’ve fended off the encroaching cold by making soup and wrapping myself up in my favourite scarf and my autumn sweater. Before I tuck in though, time for an entirely nostalgic recap. September marks the end of my first year here in London and while it’s starting to feel like home, I can’t help but be reminded each time I glance from my window on a sunny day to see the pods of the London Eye twinkling like silver baubles, or lie on the grass outside the Tate Modern gazing across at…

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How to eat in Belgium: Bruges edition

Those of you kind enough to read and be complimentary about last week’s post on Bruges were all too sweet to mention the gaping hole in my list of recommendations. There was nothing, NOTHING about where to go to eat. And I did that on purpose, because food is special and sacred and deserves a little post all of its own. If you’re in Bruges and you’re not full all of the time, you’re doing it wrong quite frankly (incidentally, that applies to the rest of Belgium too). If at any point you feel even the vaguest inkling of a…

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What’s so great about Bruges anyway?

So you’re going to Bruges. You’re probably in love, aren’t you? We’re so in love, you probably said to each other. We should celebrate our love for each other with a romantic minibreak, you probably said. Let’s go to BRUGES! That’s where people go when they’re in love, don’t they? They hold hands and feed each other chocolates while riding bikes through quaint cobbled streets, don’t they? That could be us! It’s only an hour and a bit from the centre of London and it’s so much less obvious (not to mention cheaper) than Paris or Venice. After all there…

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