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Why lowering my expectations has made me a happier traveller

Is there something fundamentally misguided about what we expect to get out of our holidays? Are we setting trips up to fail by promising ourselves the absolute best time, because it just has to be, because you need it and you’ve dreamed of it? These are things I have been thinking about recently, and I’ve come to the conclusion that for many people, myself included, the answer is frequently yes. The good news is that I think I’ve also found a solution that relieves the pressure somewhat and will make us all happier holiday makers as a result. Not all…

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St Regis Venice: a palatial private island hideaway

As the pale waters of the lagoon licked the sides of the speeding boat, it was easy to forget that only moments ago I was caught up in the pandemonium of St Mark’s Square. Squinting in the heat of the early afternoon sun, I searched out the right jetty through a rainbow of bobbing, bundled-up umbrellas, held aloft by patient tour guides. I passed underneath the Starwood-emblazoned arch and onto the boat, immediately entering into a more peaceful, more elegant world. Our path to the St Regis was not straightforward and as we zigzagged across the lagoon, I made several…

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Paris’ cool corner: Canal St-Martin

The story of Paris in the years post 2010 should not be left to nostalgists to tell. For a start, Woody Allen has been there and done that with a bigger budget and a better soundtrack than anyone else could bring to the table. Besides, it would be doing the city a huge disservice to suggest its charms had not grown or evolved, but remained static across the years. I’m of the belief that there is as much fresh stuff to be excited about it in 2015 Paris as there was a century or more ago; you might just have to…

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Hipster places to eat and drink in Paris

Whenever I discover I’m going somewhere — anywhere — the first thing I do is work out where I’m going to eat. I read travel articles, guidebooks, local food blogs, listicles… pretty much anything that will point me in the direction of a city/town/country’s super foods. The weekend before last I was in Paris for my birthday and I ate and drank so much seriously good stuff, I thought I’d share it with you here. Just please don’t judge me for how much I ate. Cafe de Flore Perfect for: people watching; lunch Cafe de Flore in Saint Germain is every…

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Is it worth flying premium economy?

More often than not over the past few months I’ve ended up in premium economy when I’ve been flying long haul. Premium economy is the bit of the plane that you get to after you’ve passed through after business class (when your heart starts to sink), but before you get to economy (when you just want to burst into tears). Why oh why can’t they board us the other way around? I’ve only flown premium economy for business, but I thought I’d give you a little run down of what the experience is like, as I know it can be a…

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