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Las Vegas’ Neon Boneyard in pictures

Las Vegas was built on sand and decorated in neon. The casinos and hotels of the city have always been as bright and colourful as the clientele that visited them and it’s thanks in part to the city lights that shine so brightly they draw in and seduce visitors from all over the globe. As a technology, neon’s days are over — the Vegas of today is plastered with LEDs  — but many of the signs that once graced the city’s most famous joints have been collected in the Neon Boneyard, which can be found in the city’s downtown area. My…

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5 touristy things you must do in Las Vegas

I have had the craziest travel year and I’m yet to blog about basically any of it. The reason? I’ve been travelling for business, and being a writer who travels for business, any and all of my time has been spent writing, getting over jet lag and trying to see my friends, family and boyfriend. But now the time has come. A break in which I can breathe and blog and reflect and plan. Rewind to January. I hurtled into 2015 full throttle, boarding a plane to Vegas on 2 January to cover the Consumer Electronics Show for work. It…

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Here’s where Brad and Angelina stay when in Vegas

Here’s a cool thing that happened in Vegas. I went to a drinks party in a secret villa and found out that only the night before Brad and Angelina had been staying there. Obviously I double checked to see whether Brad and Ange had definitely been in Las Vegas, before I let myself get excited. They really had. Excitement ensued. Perez Hilton claimed to have “all the deets” of their trip, but in fact, all he had to say was that they had been to some naff souvenir shop. Here though, exclusively, you can see where the A list royalty…

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10 things I’ve learned from a year and a half of business travel

I’ve been travelling regularly as part of my job for a good year and a half now. Thanks to work, I’ve been all over Europe, as well as visiting Africa, the Middle East and North America. Today I head off on my first trip of the year to Las Vegas, and 2015 has barely begun! Travelling as part of my job is something I’ve always aspired to, and now that I do it regularly I’ve discovered that I thrive off of it. When I’m away I’m at my focused and most tenacious. Some of the work I’m most proud of has…

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The Christmas markets of Cologne

A couple of years ago I got into a disagreement with two travel writers on Twitter about Christmas markets. As shopping experiences they were terrible, they said — overpriced and overrated. I argued that if they saw Christmas markets as shopping trips they were totally missing the point. Christmas markets are about food, about ambience and about laughing and talking with friends. The mark of a decent Christmas market is that it leaves you in a gluhwein-addled fug of good cheer and delight. That said, I did have some trepidation about booking a trip to one of Germany’s best-known Christmas…

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