Sometimes you visit a place that is really truly special and gives you an experience you cling to long after its over. Hotel Sacacomie in Quebec is one of those places for me.

On my recent work trip to San Francisco I was staying in the W Hotel — a chic, downtown pad that towers over Yerba Buena Gardens. Fun fact before I get to the review: the week prior to my stay, the W hosted Barack Obama during a jaunt to the city. So if it was good enough for the US president, it surely must be good enough for me — right? My… Read More

Berlin is an annual stop-off for me these days as it’s a regular fixture on the international technology trade show circuit, which looks something like this: Las Vegas–>Barcelona–>Berlin… rinse and repeat. Due to the fact that most of the time I’m in Berlin I’m on business trips, I’ve been fortunate to enjoy some of the fancier digs about town. I’ve stayed in the Wyndham Grand, which is swanky in a business-functional kind of way and had… Read More

There was a time when all I knew of Wales was its northernmost reaches. Abersoch, Anglesey and pretty Portmeirion were the places I spent my early childhood; but there is more to Wales than that, and more of Wales than that in me. About a quarter of me comes from the Valleys, the industrialised area of South Wales where my Nana grew up — before she fled to medical school in Cardiff,… Read More

I pedalled with all my might against the wind and coasted around corners at high speed in a way I haven’t since I was a kid. Just in time, I arrived to see the Turning Torso lit up by fading sun before it dropped behind a cloud.

I recently wrote a very positive post about the work trip I took to Ukraine. It was a terrific experience, but the food I ate there was sometimes mysterious, and often pretty dire. Based on my previous experience of the regional cuisine — the abiding memory of which is of eating only Chupa Chups and losing half a stone on a week-long school trip to Russia — I had predicted this in… Read More

On my way out to Montreal I flew with KLM and on the way back I flew with Air France. We were spoilt from beginning to end, with fast-track check-in, priority security and access to lounges in every airport we travelled through. I had an extra nice surprise on my way out though. I was supposed to have been booked into premium economy but the request hadn’t been passed on, so I… Read More

I’m often out and about and far away from home, but this blog is about finding adventure every day, no matter where you are. As I’ve been gallivanting a lot recently and am heading off to Copenhagen, Malmo, Munich and Berlin over the next few weeks, this weekend I’ve just been taking it easy in south east London. I’ve been living close to Peckham for two and a half years now and… Read More

I can say with all certainty that being a shy child taught me to be a careful, confident solo traveller once I reached adulthood. Something you will only understand if you have ever been one of those people who is terrified of everything is that the whole of life can sometimes seem like an exercise in calculated risk taking. Every word that passes your lips is an exercise in not stuttering; every… Read More

Oh the relief when you’ve flown long-haul and you finally reach your destination. For me in Montreal, this meant the Queen Elizabeth Fairmont — which sitting literally on top of the city’s central station, smack bang in the middle of the downtown area and seemingly within walking distance to everywhere of note was surely the perfect location for a first-time visitor. I arrived in my room to discover that I had actually… Read More

Here are the top five things that I loved about the city of Montreal. 1.) Notre-Dame Basilica If you see one thing in Montreal, make it the Notre-Dame Basilica in the old town. I honestly had no idea that churches that looked like this existed outside of Europe. Built in the gothic revival style, the church was originally erected in 1672 in stone, but eventually became too small, so was rebuilt. Rather… Read More

This is just a quick post, but I had to mention how much I loved this experience. I love going on trains abroad — those double-decker trains that trundle all over Europe, the super-slow train that trundles through the Tuscan countryside, even the Eurostar. Travelling by train in the UK doesn’t quite have the same mystery and excitement as doing so in other countries, perhaps because those journeys tend to be pretty…… Read More

To say Montreal was not on its best behaviour when I arrived is an understatement. A freak monsoon and thick layer of cloud blighted the city, which is usually reliably sunny throughout June. It was not the warm, summery welcome I had hoped for, but thus is the nature of travel — the weather doesn’t always behave just because you are on your holidays. The city may not have put all its… Read More

Last night I had the privilege of going to see Cirque du Soleil’s brand new show in the company’s hometown of Montreal. I’ve seen a couple of Cirque du Soleil shows before as they’ve toured their way through the UK, so I knew to expect a surreal and mesmerising spectacle. This new show is called Kurios, Cabinet des Curiosites and it was a gorgeous steampunk saga with a cast of oddball characters… Read More

Amelia Earhart was the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic. She was also a very stylish lady — however, when it came to dressing for flying, she always opted for very practical garb. Checking out what people are wearing is pretty much my favourite sport at the airport — even ahead of raiding duty free and enjoying a celebratory holiday beverage — mainly because I love guessing where people… Read More